You can use both a document camera and your computer with your Promethean board, and switch back and forth. This article describes how to make the connections.


The document camera must be connected between your computer and the projector. You then press a button on the document camera to switch between projecting your computer screen and the image from the document camera.

Connect the document camera to the projector

  1. Locate the long, thick cable which comes down from your wall-mounted projector. (It will likely come down behind the center of your whiteboard, but might have been re-routed.)
  2. Carefully connect the cable to the "VGA Out" port of the document camera. Note: The connector is slightly wider on one side. Make sure to match it to the port on the document camera. Do not force the connection!
  3. Tighten the thumbscrews to secure the cable.

Connect your computer to the document camera

  1. Locate the shorter, black video cable. (Many of ours have blue ends.)
  2. Connect one end of the video cable to your laptop video adapter (better known as your dongle) and plug the dongle into the correct port on your laptop.
  3. Connect the other end of the video cable to the appropriate port on the document camera

Switching between sources

Once the connections are made, your computer and your document can both be projected on the screen/board, though not at the same time. To switch between the two sources, press the appropriate button on the document camera itself:

  • For a Lumens: Press the "Source/Enter" button to toggle between sources.
  • For an Elmo: Press the "PC" button to project your computer. Press the "Camera" button to project your document camera.

In both cases, it will take a few moments for the projector to detect and adjust to the change, so be patient!